Tuff-N-Dri is a polymer-modified asphalt coating that is 60-mils thick Minimum. It is an Extremely flexible membrane that can handle movement and minor/medium cracking. It Provides a completely seamless waterproofing membrane. It is polymerized to provide resistance to chemical breakdown. It is durable for long term water protection.

Damp Proof

Watchdog H3

Tuff-N-Dri QC





Property Damage Risk


Low Risk

Lowest Risk

Hydrostatic Head

0 ft

3 ft

8 ft / 12 ft

Crack Bridging Ability

Draper City Approved

Vineyard City Approved

Service Warranty

Recommended use

Slab on Grade / Crawlspace (Unconditioned)

Basement (8-12 ft)  / Crawlspace (Conditioned)

basement (Custom) / Commercial

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